Developed by Jewson and its sister brands, Greenworks have grown to become the UK's recognised authority and market expert in sustainable building products and solutions.

Greenworks provides you with in-depth advice and support on the range of sustainable building solutions available in the marketplace, including renewable energy products. As well as being an authoritative voice on the green agenda, we also offer unbiased training and consultancy.

  • Greenworks is integral to Jewson in the delivery of renewable and sustainable solutions to our customers.
  • Greenworks is at the heart of Jewson's commitment to a more sustainable future.
  • Greenworks is central to Jewson supporting cutting edge brands and supply partners.
  • Greenworks is at the core of Jewson's expertise in training and development of sustainable solutions.


Greenworks Training AcademyGreenworks Training Academy

The Greenworks Training Academy provides multi-disciplinary courses to enable Jewson customers to develop their knowledge and skills around the sustainability agenda. This centrally located academy offers a suite of industry relevant training, allowing customers to learn about new products, enhance existing skills and acquire new ones. Courses will be scheduled in line with customer demand and changes to legislation, product and market drivers.

Greenworks Training gives Jewson account customers the opportunity to access e-learning modules on a range of sustainable products and solutions, renewable technologies, market drivers and legislation updates. It also gives information on current promotional activity and relevant e-learning that might support them. This offer is now available from the Greenwork Website, and is an additional service to help educate and train, within this ever changing marketplace.


Download the Greenworks Training Prospectus here.