Build Aviator

With  Buildworks by Jewson, you can link the design phase of your project to the pricing and ordering of building materials - making your entire build process easier, quicker, cost-effective and compliant.

By using the Jewson  F-SAP software, the assessment will include specific  product-level detail, saving you considerable time in product selection.

Our specialist SAP team will also  validate the design  to ensure you achieve your goal, whether that's minimum compliance to building regulations, the most energy efficient solutions, such as Passivhaus, or Saint-Gobain's own Multi-Comfort standard.

Watch here to find out how to save time & money during your build.

Build Aviator
  • SAP assessment

    SAP assessment

    Jewson/ Greenworks offers a comprehensive SAP consultancy and assessment service to make compliance a smoother process.

  • Build Aviator

    Build Aviator

    Build Aviator by Jewson provides a quantity take off service, giving you insight into the measurements of the material and labour you need to complete your project.

  • Onsite compliance pack

    Onsite compliance pack

    Keeping all the vital information for your build in one place and ensuring your build is kept on course for compliance.

  • Registered construction detail

    Registered construction detail

    Designed to improve thermal performance of the dwelling (to improve fabric energy efficiency)

  • Air Tight Testing

    Air Tight Testing

    Air leakage is a main contributor to a building’s energy efficiency; therefore Part L stipulates that an air test must be completed to ensure the air permeability rating meets the target set out in your SAP assessment.

  • Acoustic Testing

    Acoustic Testing

    Acoustic testing is a requirement prior to building completion in order to ensure the sound insulation meetsor exceeds Building Regulations Part E.

  • FSAP


    Carefully collated to include a wide range of building products, this unique feature makes material selection and compliance work hand in hand. The functionality has been created to help bridge the gap between ‘as designed’ and ‘as built’.

  • Our Partners

    Our Partners

    Greenworks helps you build more intelligently; whether architect, specifier, self-builder or homeowner.