Roofing Covers & Ventilation

To keep the weather and damp out and your roof adequately ventilated Jewson supply a wide range of roof tiles, slates, lead, roofing felt, fascia and soffit vents, membranes and sheets. Everything that is required for a solid and sound roof covering.   The BLM range of rolled lead flashings conform to BSEN 12588 ensuring its suitability for all roofing closures and weatherproofing details including abutments, chimney flashings and valley gutter linings. We also stock an extensive range of BLM accessories including Lead-Cote to prevent staining, patination oil and a full range of fixings.    We have a complete stock of other essentials such as ridge tiles, fixing and sundries. Speak to one of our team in branch about any of your roofing needs.

Roofing Covers & Ventilation


  • Lead


    The BLM range of Rolled Lead Flashings conforms to BSEN 12588 ensuring its suitability for all roofing closures and weatherproofing details.

  • Slates


    Jewson stock natural slate from Spain, Wales, Canada, Brazil and other parts of the globe in a wide variety of colours and sizes.

  • Concrete Tiles

    Concrete Tiles

    An extensive range of concrete tiles in a wide variety of colours and profiles supplied from the leading manufacturers.

  • Clay Tiles

    Clay Tiles

    Our clay tile range covers a broad spectrum of both colour and texture from modern machine made tiles to the more traditional clay designs.

  • Roofing Felts & Membranes

    Roofing Felts & Membranes

    Jewson stock a range of felts and membranes for pitched and flat roofing from the traditional bitumen felts to the latest vapour permeable products.

  • Roofing Sheets

    Roofing Sheets

    Ideal for porches, carports and canopies - roofing sheets provide 3 times more natural light into a building than the same area of vertical glazing.

  • Roofing Vents & Grilles

    Roofing Vents & Grilles

    Vents and grilles for fascias, soffits and eaves to keep air circulating and your roof well ventilated.

  • Roof Protection

    Roof Protection

    We stock a selection of chemicals and bespoke treatments for everything from waterproofing to instant repairs.

  • Wall Ventilation

    Wall Ventilation

    Keeping walls ventilated is a necessary part of building regulations and an essential aspect of good construction.