Air Tight Testing

Air Tightness Testing

The test must be undertaken once all elements of the building's envelope are sealed, so to ease the compliance process and provide support from design to completion,air testing is also integrated into the FSAP bundle.

Jewson is offering Part L compliant air tightness testing and consultancy from leading industry specialists. Partnering with Stroma, all the testing, calculations and consultancy required for compliance with building regulations can be provided for you.

Achieve compliance comfortably and economically by engaging with Greenworks and Stroma from the outset. At the design stage the air tightness experts can provide constructive commentary on the proposed construction details, and facilitate a pivotal influence over the eventual testing.

This service includes :

Design Review.

A comprehensive review carried out by experienced air-tightness consultants who will study and comment on the relevant drawn details.

Design Workshops.

A simple but effective method of interrogating the air-tightness strategy and key drawn details in the presence of relevant members of project teams on-site.

Training Seminars.

Short training presentations aimed at both designers and construction staff, which can be invaluable in raising awareness among those most able to influence the eventual outcome.

Pre-Test Inspections & Comfort Tests

(all available on request). An inspection, prior to tests carried out by our consultants, that scrutinise the 'air barrier' details throughout the building and record all observations to be conveyed in a detailed, illustrated report.

Post-test Leakage Diagnosis.

As required if a building fails to achieve the target permeability rate upon testing, Stroma technicians will generally employ localised, internal smoke testing methods to identify remedial works required.

Pre-completion/Sample Tests.

Sample area of 'comfort' testing: A 'dress rehearsal' air test carried out on a representative area to establish how the whole building will perform and what the key leakage issues will be. UKAS Accredited Final Acceptance

Air Leakage Test.

The final test includes all necessary building envelope calculations and is carried out using multi-point testing methods to ensue even pressure distribution. In large, complex buildings, this approach, along with the ability to depressurise the building, can be vitally important.

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Air Tight Testing