MDF Wood

To construct Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF), wood fibres are bonded together with a synthetic resin adhesive. The result is extremely versatile and can be supplied with moisture-resistant properties and is also available in lighter weight version for when application demands.

MDF Wood


  • Standard M.D.F.

    Standard M.D.F.

    High-quality MDF with a multitude of uses.

  • Lite M.D.F.

    Lite M.D.F.

    A range of our Lite M.D.F, this high quality, durable M.D.F is especially effective when load bearing is a design requirement.

  • Moisture Resistant M.D.F.

    Moisture Resistant M.D.F.

    Ideal for windowsills and cabinetry in kitchens and bathrooms where humidity causes normal MDF to deteriorate.