Plywood uses very thin layers of timber veneer glued together with each veneer's grain lying at right angles to its neighbours'. This creates impressive inflexibility for its thickness, which makes even light panels suitable for heavy duty. Ply is ideal for roofing, flooring, hoardings and walls. Different varieties of original timber are used, making the various types of ply suitable for different purposes. We can supply softwood, hardwood, marine, birch faced and framework MDO plywood. Our team of trained staff will be able to advise on the most suitable product for a particular job.


  • Softwood Plywood

    Softwood Plywood

    Strong, impact-resistant ply, constructed from laminated softwood. Easily cut and drilled.

  • Hardwood Plywood

    Hardwood Plywood

    Even if only the outer veneer is hardwood, the panel is hardwood ply. Its ruggedness and appearance make it popular for furniture construction.

  • Marine Plywood

    Marine Plywood

    Very tough humidity-resistant veneers, with few defects. Much less likely to delaminate. Ideal for exterior applications.