Concrete & Cutting Equipment

Concrete & Cutting Equipment

To effortlessly cut through concrete, stone and blocks, Jewson's cutting equipment is always up to the job. This range includes block splitters; concrete mixers; cutting and chasing equipment such as chasers, cutter and saws; finishing floats; vibrating pokers and screeds; floor planes and grinders; masonry saws and diamond drilling equipment.

All of our concrete and cutting equipments comes with the relevant Hand Arm Vibration (HAV) rating as stated by The Hire Association of Europe (HAE) for safe and correct operation.We bring quality and reliability from trusted brands.

If you need any technical advice on choosing the right concrete or cutting power tool please ask our trained staff, they'll be happy to help. With over 230 nationwide Tool Hire branches you're guaranteed to find one nearby.


  • Block Splitters

    Block Splitters

    Cut with speed, accuracy and ease using a block splitter. Ideal for paving slabs, bricks and flagstones.

  • Concrete Mixers

    Concrete Mixers

    Choose from our extensive hire range of concrete mixers including petrol, diesel and electric with varying capacities and sizes.

  • Cutting & Chasing

    Cutting & Chasing

    Cut into a wide variety of materials with a powerful disc cutter or wall or stone saw.

  • Floats


    Hire one of Jewson’s power or hand floats to smooth wet concrete to the required finish.

  • Vibrating Pokers

    Vibrating Pokers

    High frequency concrete vibrators for small to large concreting applications, various head sizes available.

  • Vibrating Screeds

    Vibrating Screeds

    Vibrating screed units for striking, vibrating and simple concrete levelling. Easy to use, simple to assemble.

  • Floor Preparation

    Floor Preparation

    Floor planes and grinders to effectively prepare floors by removing foreign matter such as paint and lines.

  • Concrete & Masonry Saws

    Concrete & Masonry Saws

    Make short work of tough materials with one of our saws specially designed for the clean and efficient cutting of masonry, concrete and asphalt.

  • Diamond Drilling

    Diamond Drilling

    Diamond core wet drilling rig for all masonry and concrete including natural stone materials.