Heating, Drying & Cooling

Heating, Drying & Cooling

Jewson Hire has an extensive range of tools for drying, cooling, heating and air-conditioning any room or building to achieve the desired temperature and humidity. This includes dehumidifiers, power carpet dryers, crowd coolers, electric halogen heaters, cabinet heaters and fan heaters.

Jewson's staff are always there to answer any technical questions you might have in relation to heating, drying or cooling your site. With over 230 branches nationwide you're guaranteed to have one nearby.


  • Dryers


    A range of dehumidifiers to remove excess moisture from the air, in different sizes. Power carpet and upholstery dryer for bespoke applications.

  • Cooling


    Powerful industrial fan unit that's perfect for cooling large numbers of people at events in large spaces.

  • Heating


    A selection of heaters to suit a variety of applications with a range of specifications.

  • Air Conditioning

    Air Conditioning

    Air conditioning units provide excellent temperature control in moisture sensitive environments for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.