Estimating Service

For fast, accurate labour and material estimates, we provide an estimating service that will enable you to get a quote based upon drawings of planned developments.

The Process is Simple:

  • Bring in your floor plans and elevation drawings to a recognised metric scale i.e. 1:50 or 1:100
  • Complete an estimating request form
  • You get an estimate as the summary of the labour and material costs along with a detailed breakdown
  • Labour and material costs are monitored to ensure accurate estimates or you can provide your own labour rates for a customised estimate
  • Estimates are turned around in 5 working days (larger projects may require more time, please discuss with your local Branch Manager)
  • Estimates are provided as paper or electronic copies
  • Jewson account terms can be applied to personalise a quote at your request

Visit your local branch to discuss your project requirements.