Home Conversions & Extensions

With widespread focus on maximising property value, it's smart to ensure that empty attics, unused garages and other spare areas are converted into habitable or usable space which benefits the property and adds to its appeal and value, rather than remaining as dusty voids or vacant outdoor spaces.

Jewson can recommend the best materials and numerous space-saving solutions for any conversion or extension project.

Even an alcove in a bedroom or unused storage area may have potential as a home office, walk-in wardrobe, extra bathroom or en suite toilet, all of which represent desirable additional features both in use and when the property is offered for sale.

Eaves spaces in older houses are frequently overlooked because roof pitch means such areas can't be occupied, but these can represent excellent, neat storage space if the low-height areas are boxed-in as cupboards.

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Conversions which don't change a property's bedroom-count or the building's ground-plan are often possible without planning permission, but due care must be given to ensure safe and easy access, to be certain of meeting fire safety regulations.

A large or elaborate extension is much more likely to require planning permission, depending on its visibility from other property and local thoroughfares. If so, it's normal for materials to need specific approval by the authority concerned, to ensure the addition won't look out of place in the area. An ugly or awkwardly-proportioned extension is also less likely to improve the property's value.

Jewson carries a complete selection of building materials to match the existing exterior style of any property, and to enable transformation of plain interior space into attractive, useful living areas. Additionally, a Jewson self-build credit account can offer up to £20,000 while providing service and advice to help complete the project.