Steel Frame Construction

Steel Frame Construction

Steel frame construction has allowed extraordinary, ground-breaking architecture since the late twentieth century. Almost all recent development in capital city skylines has benefited from steel's light weight, high strength and enormous flexibility. House-builders can also benefit from the same technological advances.

Why use steel instead of traditional construction methods?

Steel's benefits will depend on the nature of the project. If the design is unusual, uniquely artistic in style, or extreme in its proportions, steel is likely to be easier, more flexible and much faster to bring to reality than traditional methods.

How fast is steel construction?

One conspicuous advantage over brick and block construction, is steel's sheer speed - because steel frames will have been manufactured to a very precise design beforehand, elsewhere. The length of this period of manufacture will be determined by the specific design - simplicity will translate to rapid production, while complexity requires much more time and skilled input. Either way, this time must be factored into the overall schedule. On site, once suitable foundations are created, a steel construction can go up in a few days, and once the roofing, glazing and other cladding are added, total weatherproofing means internal fixtures and decoration can follow without delay. It's really very fast, and much less likely to be hindered by adverse weather.

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How expensive are the advantages of steel construction?

Use of mass-produced steel sections needn't necessarily be expensive, though the grade of steel and its resistance to corrosion will affect cost. Obviously the design specification will be reflected in the metalworkers' fees - from very moderate for simple sections, to very substantial for complex artistic work.

 Imagination isn't very restricted by the technical limitations of steel. That doesn't mean steel buildings haveto be conspicuous - but they're certainly often unique. Steel is also very durable.