Roof Conversions & Construction

Roof Conversions & Construction

Thinking for renovating, converting or constructing a roof for your home?  We can support all your requirements at this stage of a Self Build project, from standard materials such as felt, battons, building straps and tiles, through to trusses, ventilation products, roof windows and solar panels.

  • Roofing


    Modern roofs go beyond just providing shelter, support and insulation; a well-designed roof can bring a variety of sustainable benefits as well.

  • Renewable Energy Solutions

    Renewable Energy Solutions

    Increasing numbers of people are turning to greener energy options owing to the rising costs of gas and oil.

  • Roof Truss Enquiries

    Roof Truss Enquiries

    Any one of our branches can provide a full and highly professional roof truss service. They can deliver everything you need to your site, all designed to meet your exact specifications. A network of quality truss manufacturers and leading producers support out superb service of prefabricated truss rafters.