Renewable Energy Solutions

Increasing numbers of people are turning to greener energy options owing to the rising costs of gas and oil, HIPS requirements, concern over carbon emissions and greater levels of awareness of the alternative solutions available. Jewson can offer full support and source products to build a more sustainable home at all levels of the build - in particular the heat sources and water supply. Jewson account holders can access expertise and products from our sister company Greenworks - specialists in sustainable energy solutions from renewable energy generation through to storage and re-circulation.

Our trained team will work with you to ensure that you arrive at the most reliable, effective and appropriate solution for your particular project. The latest technology and market-leading solutions will also be available to you.

Solar Energy

Greenworks offers both solar photovoltaic (PV) systems and solar thermal collectors.

PV systems use the sun's energy to create electricity and only require daylight, not direct sunlight, to work. By using photovoltaic panels with a battery, inverter and controller it is possible to start generating electricity for domestic units.

Thermal panels turn heat radiated by the sun into hot water. The liquid that circulates through these thermal solar panels is heated by sunlight, this then passes through a coil in the water tank which in turn heats the water stored in the tank. These units can provide almost all the hot water for a home in the summer and about 50% all year round.

Air Source Heat Pumps

ASHPs convert the energy created by the outside air into heat, giving a comfortable temperature inside the home and reducing heating costs by an average of 50% compared to traditional systems. As well as heating, they can work in reverse to provide cooling. Many products are available for different sizes and types of building and heating requirements. They can be used with radiators but work better with underfloor heating. They can also provide full heating and hot water without a back-up system.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

GSHPs utilise solar energy naturally stored in soil, bedrock and groundwater as a heat source. They do require electricity to operate, but they efficiently convert this into five times as much heat energy for every unit of electricity used.

Biomass Heating

Biomass heating uses organic material direct from plants, trees or indirectly from commercial, domestic or agricultural products to generate heat. They are environmentally friendly and CO2 and sulphur-free when burning.

Wind Turbines

The modern wind turbine is quiet and is available in different sizes, depending on the required output. A small unit can attach directly to the roof, or larger units will have their own support post. The process by which energy is generated is fairly simple - when the wind blows the blades, the blades rotate a shaft. A generator converts the energy from the rotating shaft into electrical energy.

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