Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility Is One Of Our Strengths

As a business, Jewson recognises our responsibilities towards the communities upon which our organisation has an influence, either directly or indirectly, and strives to act as a good neighbour.

We have policies and initiatives in place to ensure our social responsibilities are considered throughout the business.

Environmental Accreditation

Every Jewson branch has attained ISO 14001 accreditation. This formidable achievement was accomplished by implementing a formal environmental management system across the business, and making improvements to the branch network as required, including:

  • Reducing electricity and gas usage
  • Closing environmentally inefficient treatment plants and mills
  • Purchasing more environmentally-friendly, self-bunded diesel tanks
  • Improving recycling and waste management facilities and training for staff
  • Thoroughly checking branches for water leaks
  • Creating designated areas for hazardous waste


Jewson believes everyone should be treated with fairness, dignity and respect at work and, through training, be provided with the skills and knowledge they need to operate effectively and efficiently. Consequently, our policies in this area aim to exceed the minimum standards required by law and provide a robust working framework for our employees. Policies include:

  • Equality and diversity
  • Anti-bullying and harassment
  • Stress at work
  • Employee recognition and reward

We offer an extensive training and development programme covering all areas of the business. Employees are offered a range of work-based experience, formal courses, line management support and coaching to fulfil their potential.

In the Community

It is also important to Jewson to support the communities in which we operate. All our branches are encouraged to become involved in local activities by donating materials, expertise or time to local organisations and community projects.

On a national level, our 'together' fundraising initiative involves Jewson and its sister companies in a wide range of fundraising and volunteering activities. Each year our employees work with suppliers and customers to raise funds for a staff-nominated national charity. The initiative has raised over £1,450,000 since its launch in 2002.