On Site - Dedicated Branch

In some cases, the best solution can be to set up a dedicated Jewson branch on your site. This may be appropriate, for example, on large scale projects where a broad range of materials is required quickly, or where security is an issue.

Case study: RAF Lakenheath

A dedicated Jewson branch has been set up on one of Europe's largest air bases in a seven-year supply partnership with building contractor Mansell.

Security and vehicle movement is a major issue at RAF Lakenheath, Suffolk, with Mansell encountering problems with staff and deliveries being severely delayed by security checks. By having the branch within the perimeter fence Jewson can offer a dedicated just-in-time materials supply service.

Building materials, logistics and storage are supplied directly from the branch to a major home construction project on the base. A dedicated managed inventory system to ensure that materials are available at all times. Over a seven year period, Jewson will supply materials for 606 new houses.

Bespoke Store Facilities

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