Outsourced Stores

Outsourcing stores facilities can be beneficial in a number of ways. By using Jewson to manage your stores, either from existing premises or from a new site, you gain our expertise in stock management and IT. We also apply our expertise to rationalise your stock holding, reduce administration and improve efficiency on your behalf.

In addition, you can leave it to Jewson to provide all necessary staff welfare and waste management facilities, as well appropriate storage for plant, equipment and stock.

In effect, Jewson becomes an intrinsic part of your operation, enabling you to further improve the service you offer to your clients.

Case study: Whitefriars

Project type - Began as a dedicated store and service counter in-branch in April 2004. Became a standalone store off-site in April 2008.
Start date - April 2004/Extended April 2009
Contract value - £1.2m p/a

Whitefriars Housing Group is a 'not-for-profit' housing and regeneration organisation that owns and manages approximately 17,000 homes across Coventry.

Jewson has worked closely with Whitefriars since 2004 to create a range of bespoke services. These include a dedicated counter in our Coventry branch and stock management for over 100 vans that serve the Whitefriars repair and maintenance organisation, Homeworks. The partnership progressed further in 2008 when we opened a dedicated Whitefriars branch to improve our service even further.

We've ensured that this partnership delivers efficiencies at every stage of the supply chain. An internal stock management program and daily stock checks ensure we consistently exceed our target of over 95% stock availability on agreed product ranges. This enables Homeworks operatives to benefit from a rapid 15-minute turnaround on collections. A dedicated lorry has been added to our fleet to meet delivery requirements and we carry out traffic management surveys to monitor the time that operatives spend at the branch.

Jewson is also working with Whitefriars to support its sustainability plan on a number of levels. We supply Chain of Custody certified timber and sheet materials and hold regular reviews of the product range offered to the group in order to help to identify new innovations and opportunities for more sustainable alternatives. We have jointly implemented on-site product training programmes to make sure that Whitefriars operatives remain at the forefront of the current repair techniques and can deliver a first time fix when attending callouts.

The partnership has resulted in significant cost savings for Whitefriars in the form of improved supply chain efficiencies, stock discounts, product rationalisation, reduction in administration and consolidated invoicing. Jewson and Whitefriars have agreed a robust ongoing price benchmarking process to ensure that the contract delivers best value throughout its duration.

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