E-Business Solution

Making E-Business Work

The benefits of e-business are well-known. Business processes can be streamlined, efficiency can be improved, and usage of or reliance on paper-based systems can be reduced.

However, we recognise that our customers have different IT capabilities. So, we offer a diverse and bespoke range of electronic trading options that will suit any level of IT deployment, both now and in the future.

Electronic Document Integration

Electronic integration is available throughout the order cycle:

  • Orders (inbound) - customers can place orders via e-mail or other compatible systems
  • Order Acknowledgement - produced instantaneously once an order is created
  • Despatch Confirmation - confirmation of delivery or collection of goods
  • Invoices and Credits - scheduled to your specific requirements

 Electronic Document Integration

As well as the benefits of improving efficiency and reducing paper usage, the process saves time by removing manual processes, improves invoice matching, enhances the provision of information, reduces clerical errors and can integrate directly with your accounting system.

Customer Order Validation Service

Available as a fully or partially integrated system, Customer Order Validation Service offers an extra level of control over the placement of orders, resulting in even greater efficiencies.

The system validates each order against criteria that are pre-defined by you. This helps not only to improve the accuracy of your order data, it also reduces administrative processes and makes it easier to ensure that operatives conform to your requirements.

Customer -Specific Price Book

This web-based application displays prices that are specific to you across a bespoke range of products. The system also enables you to create and save orders, and can also be used to provide a quotation. Data is updated regularly and can be exported from the system in a range of formats for ease of use.

Purchase Card Payment Methods

Jewson supports all the major purchase cards - Visa, Mastercard, OneCard and Amex. The system is simple to introduce and operate, and once implemented, the system provides you with control over where purchases are made and their value. Data can be captured down to individual product line level in order to reduce administration and paperwork.

PDA Solutions

We can offer solutions that are fully integrated with your back office and our electronic document system. This provides control at the job or employee level and can help with materials management - for example van stock replenishment.