Intelligent Stock Management

As experts in materials distribution, we have developed intelligent stock management systems that ensure we deliver the products our customers want, in the exact quantities required, precisely when and where they are needed.

Our central system manages stock on an automatic replenishment basis. Our managed service solutions all operate on this system, automatically generating orders based on usage and an agreed minimum stock level. This delivers a number of benefits:

  • Complete confidence in stock availability
  • Improved efficiency and productivity
  • Cost savings through less down time
  • Ability to develop and improve the product range on a continuous basis
  • Easy access to management information

We can also work with you to meet specialist or specific stock requirements. For example, we can create a stock management system for you that is van-based and linked to the requirements of maintenance workers. Alternatively, we can provide complete solutions for voids - all delivered in one go. And the same applies to disability packs that meet the latest legislation and deliveries of materials in quantities that are tailored to specific plot sizes.

We can also work with you to meet specific stock requirements:
  • Van stocks - a stock management system based on the requirements of maintenance operatives
  • Void packs - complete void solutions delivered in one go
  • Plot lots - standard packs of materials in the quantities you need for a pre-determined plot size
  • Disability adaptation packs - complete specialist pack to meet the latest legislation