Waste Minimisation

The reduction and minimisation of waste is an important topic for Jewson, not only in terms of the waste we generate at our sites but also waste packaging from the products we sell.

Consequently, we have signed up to the Strategy for Sustainable Construction, a joint industry and Government initiative that sets out specific commitments and targets for sustainable construction.

Our Initiatives
We have committed to halve waste sent to landfill by 2012, compared with 2008 levels. A number of initiatives are in place to help us to achieve this target, including a national waste management programme in conjunction with Biffa and our pallet recycling initiative.

We are also members of the Construction Products Association (CPA) and chair its Waste Working Group, which focuses on 'designing out waste' by reducing the amount of packaging on products at the design and manufacturing stage.

Jewson Pallet Initiative

The Jewson pallet initiative is a groundbreaking scheme that harnesses synergies between SGBD group companies to deliver both environmental benefits and cost savings, as well as solving an age old problem in the construction industry - pallet management.

The service, which initially ran throughout the Jewson branch network, is generating huge amounts of positive change within the industry.

Under the initiative, Jewson ensures that pallets from its 500 branches - and from the construction sites to which we deliver - are 'backhauled' on empty lorry space after delivery. These pallets are taken to one of three Jewson Timber Distribution Centres: Grangemouth, Newport and Hull. From there, the pallets are refurbished and reintegrated into the supply chain using European Logistics Management (ELM). ELM redistributes them to companies who need pallets. The initiative reduces the requirement for new pallets, reduces the waste-to-landfill ratio, and has the potential to cut lorry miles by an estimated 135,000 miles per year.

Simon Wright, Supply Chain and Sustainability Director at Mansell, who supports the initiative said: "The sustainability objectives of the scheme combined with its ability to support our Site Waste Management Plans mean that it's becoming a key component of our overall waste strategy. We're pleased to be part of the initiative and can see that it is creating a really positive change within the industry."