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The Energy Saving Trust is the UK's leading impartial organisation, helping people save energy and reduce carbon emissions. By providing expert insight and knowledge, we enable people to take action in their homes.

The UK has committed to reducing its carbon emissions by 80% by 2050 and just over a quarter of the UK's carbon emissions come from our homes. This is a considerable challenge, but we believe it's achievable.

The Code for Sustainable Homes provides a clearly laid out agenda to ensure higher levels of performance in new homes. There is, however, a pressing need to radically boost the performance of existing homes, and this will be a major undertaking in coming years.

So we're looking at a complete transformation of housing stock over the next decades. For the housebuilding industry, that's a lot of work - and a big opportunity.

We are starting to get the basics right - insulating lofts, draught-proofing and buying more efficient appliances. But there are the bigger fabric measures such as solid wall and floor insulation, and of course own energy generation, which will really start to make the difference.

Feed-in Tariffs are here and the Renewable Heat Incentive is to come, so these are exciting times in the housebuilding, renovating, and renewables industries.

We know consumers are becoming more sophisticated and demanding. They want more technical advice on energy efficiency and microgeneration tailored to their homes and their circumstances.

In order to help the industry, Energy Saving Trust Housing programme produces a range of technical guidance. Whether you're looking to achieve high levels of energy performance in refurbishment or meet levels of the Code for Sustainable Homes, the technical guidance can help and it's available to download from


Home Improvements and Products

When you are buying insulation, lighting, glazing, heating or appliances for your new build, refurbishment projects, or your home, look for the Energy Saving Trust Recommended logo. This will tell you that the product you are using is one of the most energy efficient on the market. The logo only appears on products that meet the Energy Saving Trust's strict energy efficiency performance standards. It means that the energy saving measures you install will achieve only the highest standards and save the end-user, and the UK as a whole, even more energy.

"With the support of partner organisations like Jewson, we can bring together our knowledge of both consumers and the trades to help transform our housing stock, both in terms of building new homes to the highest standards of energy efficiency and making big strides forward in the retrofitting of our old, inefficient houses." - Philip Sellwood Chief Executive of the Energy Saving Trust.