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Concrete & Cutting Equipment

Hire concrete and cutting equipment from us on flexible periods to make light of tough jobs. There’s no need for hand mixing with our heavy-duty cement mixers, available in various capacities. Our cutting tools include block splitters for uniform slabs and bricks, concrete and masonry saws, and chasers.

Use block splitters to cut with speed, accuracy and ease. Ideal for paving slabs, bricks and flagstones.

Especially designed for clean and efficient cutting of masonry, concrete and asphalt.

Concrete mixers in various sizes and capacities to deal with concrete demands of any job.

We offer disc cutters, stone saws and diamond wall cutters for heavy-duty chasing work.

Smooth wet concrete with hand or power floats.

Remove old paint and debris to prepare floor surfaces for a new use.

Create smooth concrete by eliminating air bubbles with vibrating pokers.

Reduce manual effort with easy to use vibrating screeds.

We offer an extensive range of concrete and cutting equipment suitable for heavy-duty jobs, saving you time and money. Cut through heavy concrete with our concrete cutter hire.
Depending on your project requirements, we have options from block splitters, concrete, and masonry saws. Complete your resurfacing project easily using floor preparation equipment or even out surfaces with our concrete float hire and vibrating screeds to reduce manual effort. We also have disc cutters, stone saws, and plenty more suitable for heavy-duty chasing work. Additionally, you can choose from an extensive range of cement mixers and multi-purpose cement products, which can assist with repairs, brickwork and more.