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Paint Mixers

Hire a paint mixer from Jewson for consistent paint colours. Our paint mixing drills with paddles ensure consistent colours using electric shaking movements.

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Stirrer/Mixer Drill with Paddle

Stirrer/Mixer Drill with Paddle JTH03065
From  £38.95 inc VAT Each
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Make sure you have the right type of cleaning tools for the job at hand.
When paint has been sat on a shelf for a while, it needs a good mix before use because it separates, leading to uneven application and colour variation. Mixing paint in bulk can be incredibly time-consuming so ditch the stirring stick and finish the job quicker with a paint mixer. We stock several paint mixers and our most popular is the two-speed paint mixer for your drill, which features a long paddle and powerful vibrations to quickly remix any amount of paint.
Our paint mixers are ergonomically designed, can handle other heavy-duty materials besides paint, and offer optimal performance and splash free use. Hire a paint mixer and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your paint will be perfectly mixed every time. A paint mixer delivers even coverage and consistent colour across your project and can make the difference between an unhappy and delighted customer. Browse our selection of decorating tools and make wall preparation, paint application, and tiling a breeze.

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