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Renewable Energy

Show your clients the benefits of renewable energy – from cutting electricity costs, to helping the planet by cutting their carbon footprint. We carry everything needed to successfully install a renewable energy system to domestic and commercial properties. Including solar panels and tiles, cables and supports.

Explore our range of Air Source Heat products from top manufactures.

Ground source heat pumps transfer heat in the ground to a building's heating system. They can help to reduce a building's carbon footprint, as well as its heating bill.

Our solar thermal products include collector systems and accessories.

It costs more than ever to heat water, so why not recover some of the heat from the water going down the drain.

Giving your clients lots of options of renewable energy that meet different budgets will make you stand out from competitors.

Our renewable energy supplies includes air source heating, solar thermal panels, and waste water heat recovery systems. Each offer a unique benefits and run a properties energy from renewable resources, such as solar light. We have solar thermal collectors of all sizes, meaning you can give your client what they need to fuel the electricity of their property. 

Air source heating directly pulls air from outside a property and transforms it into low-carbon heat. Let your clients know that investing in air source heating will save them money on energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint. Waste water heat recovery systems gather excess thermal energy from hot water left over from showers and baths, saving money by heating water before it comes through the pipes. 

Once your client has chosen a renewable energy source, you’ll need to make sure you have all the right fixings and fasteners to correctly install the units, as well as other electrical plumbing supplies you might need. Browse our extensive range and get what you need today.