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Door Frames & Linings

Complete door fittings with ease using high-quality products from our door linings & casings range. Our door frame linings are available in various sizes to suit the thickness of any wall you’re working with, ideal for internal use. We also have a selection of door casings ready to be stained and finish for your project.

Every door needs a frame. Browse our range of different sized door frames in a variety of finishes.

We have a selection of door casings and linings to sit various wall thicknesses.

Complete door installations easily using our top-quality external and internal door frames and fittings. Take your pick from our excellent door frame range, including hard and soft wood options.

We stock a wide selection of door frame sizes, up to 2032mm for an external frame and 1997mm for internal door frames. If your client requires an internal double-door frame, look no further. Most of our internal frames are 1981mm — perfect for the most common interior door size. If you are dealing with a bespoke doorway or get your sizes wrong, it’s possible to trim our door frames for the perfect fit. 

Linings and casings are available primed and unprimed to meet your requirements. When your client wants an exterior doorway renovation, our external door frame options have sills to make your job easier. The frames are manufactured from hardwood and oak to complement your customers’ home décor.

Assemble door frames, linings, and casings quickly using one of our professional nail guns for interior and exterior jobs. Order a pot of our top-quality interior paint to finish the project.