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Timber cladding

International Timber Cladding

The UK's leading distributor of bespoke, sustainable timber and panel products. 

We offer a full range of sustainably sourced timber cladding to suit every budget and taste. Whatever your project, we can provide a timber solution to meet your needs.

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timber cladding

What is timber cladding?

Cladding is the application of one material over another to provide a covering skin or layer. In construction, timber cladding is used to provide a degree of thermal insulation and weather resistance, and to improve the aesthetic of the building. Cladding provides effective protection against moisture and air penetration from the elements.

Cladding on side of building

Why use timber cladding?

Timber cladding offers years of beauty and performance if fitted correctly and maintained effectively, providing a decorative finish to give buildings added protection and enhanced

  • Timber is a sustainable material
  • Timber is unique; each piece is different
  • Timber is economically priced and durable
  • Timber provides added thermal insulation
  • Timber can be rejuvenated or decorated to alter its appearance
  • Timber is easily worked
  • Timber provides enhanced fire performance with factory-approved treatments
  • Timber products have the lowest embodied carbon of any mainstream building material


Timber cladding at Jewson

We work very closely with our supply chain to ensure that timber products produced and
supplied to the Group not only meet legislative requirements but also consider important factors including the sustainability of raw materials, lowering the embodied carbon of the products, and ensuring that social conditions for workers meet internationally recognised standards.

At Jewson we know that both the finished look and the durability are key factors when choosing timber cladding.  We offer a full range of cladding species so you can be sure that we have your needs covered.

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