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Roof truss enquiries

What type of roof truss do I need?

Pasquill is the UK’s largest roof truss supplier, delivering high quality engineered timber solutions across our national network. We can provide a wide choice of roof trusses, specific to your needs. Learn what Pasquill can do for you with a full range of services. Our guide to the most common types of roof trusses should help you understand what type is the most suitable for your project.

For a transparent and comprehensive roof truss quote, click the button below to complete an enquiry form. Or, go to for more information.

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Roof truss enquiries

The Pasquill difference

Full quotes 

Many manufacturers don’t create all quotes equally, leaving out essential items to appear cheaper on the surface! Pasquill always provide quotes for a complete roof package, or a quote tailored to your requirements. Our transparent quotes are created following a pre-quote phone call to ensure we fully understand what you need.

Our complete roof package:

  • Roof trusses & gable ladders
  • Roof bracing and ancillary timbers 
  • Metalwork
  • Glulam beam and portal frames
  • Panelised roof solutions also available


Pasquill specialises in high quality engineered timber. Not only is the quality unrivalled, there are several reasons why you should consider engineered timber for your next building project.

  • Speed - Engineered timber is quicker to install than traditional methods. Meaning you can have your project fitted in days instead of weeks, with the same level of security. You also don’t need to let the rain get you down, engineered timber can be installed in any conditions. 
  • Strength – Roof trusses and joists made from engineered timber will last hundreds of years as engineered timber is an incredibly durable material. 
  • Cost – Prices do vary depending on the product type. However, factory costs are more consistent than on-site building costs, meaning the price is less likely to fluctuate.
  • Sound insulation – Engineered timber can be soundproofed by simply placing mineral wool or another noise-reducing material between joists. 
  • Eco-friendly – We only use responsibly sourced products, with engineered timber being the greenest material to work with. Waste can be recycled and the production of it is carbon negative. Plus, it is biodegradable and will replenish soil when exposed to natural elements.


Pasquill offer a full range of services, before, during and after delivery of your trusses.

  • Site visits – One of our Area Technical Manager can visit your site to take measurements and confirm project requirements. 
  • Design – We use MiTek Pamir to design your roof trusses, the leader software for structural timber engineering. Our skilled technical colleagues carefully design size, spacing and span in virtual 3D models for a better visualisation.
  • Manufacture – We invest in our manufacturing sites to improve installation speed and labour costs. To ensure optimal efficiency, we put funding into equipment technology and infrastructure, performance, and health and safety.
  • Delivery – Trusses shouldn’t be kept in storage for extended periods of time, so we ensure delivery is as close to installation time as possible. Our strategically located fleet of articulated vehicles deliver trusses up to 15m long and 4.5m high across the UK.

Types of roof trusses

There are many types of roof truss shapes, these are the most common. 


Also known as ‘room in roof’. This profile provides floor and roof in one simple section. This allows the attic to be easily used as living space.


This profile is sloped in one direction to create an addition to an existing building or create multiple level roof lines.


The most common type used, particularly in homes. The internal shape resembles a W for optimal strength.

Raised tie

A great solution to gain extra headroom internally without increasing the height of the building.


This provides the base of a hipped end roof, but can also become a flat roof section between roof slopes where overall building height is a concern.


Similar to raised tie, but at a shallower angle for extra strength and design flexibility. Ceiling lines can be fully pitches or flat in the centre.

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