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Power Tools

Hire power tools to make light of the toughest jobs. Our selection includes powered drills, drivers, diamond drills, angle grinders & power saws. Our power saws category includes handheld & machined options across our range of jigsaws, mitre saws, reciprocating saws, and more. Check out our woodworking tools to help with accuracy & clean cuts, including planers, routers, & jointers.

Reduce the threat of damp occurring in wood or masonry with portable damp proofing solutions.

Choose power drills for low maintenance and heavy-duty work.

Secure materials with powered screwdrivers and nail guns.

Complete a multitude of jobs with angle grinders, cutting, metal grinding, and polishing.

Save time with a power mixer, perfect for paint mixing, plaster, adhesives and compounds.

We offer power sanders to help speed up the job of smoothing floors and drywall.

A choice of powerful saws for every job from carpentry to big construction tasks.

Fulfil a range of woodworking jobs with electric planers, biscuit jointers and routers.

Manual tools serve a purpose, but power tools offer an unbeatable level of assistance. Get even the most challenging jobs done quickly with our reliable power tools hire service. We have professional equipment from top brands for every trade, so you don’t have to buy all the power tools you need or worry about where to store them long-term. We rent power tools for construction sites to help with damp proofing and power saws to cut through metal and planed timber and mouldings effortlessly.
Painters and decorators can save time and effort by renting power tools from us — like our large paint mixer for guaranteed even coverage and consistent colour on application. We have a wide range of power tools for hire for use across many industries, including heavy-duty drills, powered screwdrivers, nail guns, grinders, sanders, and woodworking tools. Whatever your work requirements, we can provide the perfect power tool for the job. If you’re ready to buy power tools for your kit, we stock a fantastic range for every professional.