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Boilers & Radiators

Make sure every part of a property is warm with our brilliant boiler and radiator range – designed to help you fit efficient central heating. Installation, repairs and maintenance have never been easier with Jewson’s expanding range of products, including radiator valves to fit electric and combi radiators. Did you know we have a free radiator BTU calculator which can help you estimate how much heating power your project will need? 

Controlling your heating has never been more important as we all try to heat our homes more efficiently. The right thermostat can save you money.

Our range of aluminium high-efficiency radiators heat up and cool down quickly, making them effective as well as efficient.

Ultra-slim, highly efficient heaters that provide heat gently and evenly round the room.

We have a selection of radiator valves for controlling the heat output of individual radiators.

Keep clients’ properties warm throughout the winter months by repairing and maintaining boilers and radiators and installing new ones when needed. Browse our range to find top-quality boilers, high-efficiency radiators, radiator fittings like valves, and heating controls. Our radiators are manufactured from aluminium and heat up and cool down quickly, so they don’t use any excess energy.
Choose from many sizes, including our space-saving vertical options — there’s a radiator suitable for every room. Remember to add wall brackets to your trolley for installation. Allow customers to control the output of individual radiators and save money on heating bills by upgrading them to energy-saving thermostatic radiator valves. Upsell your clients with room thermostats for further control over heat output and bills. When the heating’s off in winter, properties can be cold, so why not hire a portable heater to keep the chill off as you work? Check our plumbing consumables range next and ensure you have everything you need for upcoming jobs.