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Plumbing Equipment

Hire a wide range of plumbing tools from Jewson, for an extra helping hand in bathrooms, kitchens, radiator work, and more plumbing applications. Our pipe tools include pipe benders for a perfect fit, pipe freezing kit for easier radiator maintenance, and pipe threading equipment for accurate threads. Explore drain cleaning equipment as radiator flushing units which can descale combi boilers and water heaters, and drain rod kits to unclear sewers and drains. Find plumbing testing equipment, including pressure test pumps, handy flue gas analysers, and drain testing tools. Plus, we have plumbing pumping equipment to help with floods inside and out, water removal from building sites, and more.

Clear radiators, unblock drains and sewage pipes with drain cleaning equipment.

Create curves and angles to make pipes fit perfectly with pipe bending tools.

Prevent draining a system while you get the job done with a pipe freezing kit.

Choose from manual or electric pipe threading equipment for your job.

Keep water flowing with pumping equipment.

Complete necessary plumbing tests with reliable equipment.

Access the best plumbing equipment with our reliable plumbing equipment hire service. Rent what you need instead of buying it and avoid the worries of cost and long-term storage. We stock plumbing equipment to assist you in all plumbing jobs. Our range includes drain cleaners, pipe benders, pipe freezing kits, pipe threaders, and pumping and testing equipment. 
Whether you need to fix a leak, clear drains, or test water pressure, we have everything you need in our selection of professional and well-maintained tools. Book pump hire to clear floods and remove water from any space and arrange pipe freezer hire to prevent draining the whole heating system while you fix an issue. Make pipes fit perfectly by selecting a 15mm pipe bender hire and add a pipe threader to your order for new installations and repairs. Remember to collect a pressure test pump if you need to conduct hydrostatic pressure tests. Pick up all the necessary plumbing supplies and top up your plumbing kit with our plumbing tools.