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Sheet Materials

Our range of sheet materials are suitable for projects where you want the characteristics of timber but without the density, weight & cost. Applications include cabinetry, flooring, roofing & door work making sheet material a versatile option. For more information about sheet materials, read our guide on sheet materials grades and standards. Browse an extensive range of plywood, chipboard & OSB, MDF and more panel products here.

Choose from our range of chipboard and OSB products for a versatile solution to your project.

We have high quality door blanks in sizes to fit any application.

Suitable for internal and external use, cost effective and easy to use, our handy panels live up to their name.

Our range of MDF and hardboard is available in a variety of specifications for your job needs.

We have a great range of notice boards from white boards to pin boards.

Our strong plywood is ideal for jobs of any demand, from light to heavy duty.

Our sheet material products are suitable for a wide range of different applications, such as flooring, roofing, cabinet making and van lining. Offering the beneficial characteristics of timber, but with unique features, sheet materials deliver on density, weight and cost. Learn how to get the best performance for your sheet materials by reading our article on the different external factors and their effect on sheet materials.

The wood used in our sheet materials is responsibly sourced from sustainably-managed forests. For more information about this, look for the Chain of Custody listed under each product's details.

Our Chipboard and OSB boards provide a stable structural platform, thanks to the manufacturing process used in their construction. Tongue and groove boards can be used to create moisture-resistant floors during refurbishment and new-build completions.

MDF & hardboard offer higher density with a smooth texture that is ideal for machining. MDF panels will take routed details well, with little sanding or smoothing needed. This makes them an excellent choice for furniture and for quick assembly using routed carpentry joints.

Plywood uses layers of timber veneers to create sheets of varying thickness, from as little as 3mm up to 25mm. This allows you to choose the thickness you need, from lightweight use to heavy-duty applications.