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Aggregate, Gravel & Cement

We offer bags of cement in a range of quantities, from handy size to bulk bags for larger jobs. Our aggregate supplies include small, easy-to-carry bags and handled aggregate bags to transport easily. Choose from our selection of decorative gravel and aggregates to add a stylish touch to gardens and driveways. Deliver high-quality results with building supplies from trusted manufacturers, including GRS Bagging, Tarmac and Hanson.

We have a wide range of aggregate suitable for large or small scale jobs.

Our cement products can be used in various building applications with high quality reliable results.

We have a collection of gravel in a range of sizes for any decorative finish.

Our range of sands includes building, sharp and ballast sand for various construction uses.

Our range of aggregates, gravel, sand and cement includes high-quality building supplies from trusted manufacturers, including Hanson, Everbuild Jetcem and Bostik Cementone, as well as an extensive selection of Jewson building sand and concrete aggregate.

From 25kg Handy Bags of building sand to 800kg bulk bags of ballast and concrete aggregate, we have the building supplies you need for any job, from setting a single fence post or lamp post, through to large commercial projects. This includes sharp sand for concreting and laying garden paving, a full range of concrete aggregate for cement, mortar, screed and other applications, and Hanson premium kiln-dried sand for laying bricks and blocks without movement, but still with adequate drainage.

Large bulk bags of sand and cement have convenient carry handles, while Jewson Handy Bags of aggregates are light enough to transport easily and are priced from just a few pounds each. Decorative styles, shingle and slate chippings are available in Handy Bags and 800kg bulk bags, again to suit any scale of project, and can work alongside or instead of garden paving to cover large areas quickly. Hanson Blue Slate, Plum Slate and Cumbrian Red decorative aggregates give you a choice of colours for your path or to fill in an irregular edge around concrete paving.