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At Jewson, our range of lintels covers both internal and external applications. Provide the right amount of support with concrete lintels and metal lintels, suitable for over doors, fireplaces and more. We have a British Board of Agreement approved range of steel lintels from brands such as Catnic and Birtley; so you can be confident in the quality.

Choose from our concrete lintels range for applications where high strength performance is needed.

Our metal lintels provide the perfect solution for many high load bearing strength applications.

Lintels and lintel beams have a wide range of applications both internally and externally on new-build constructions, refurbishments and renovations alike. Jewson’s lintels include a selection of concrete lintels and metal lintels, allowing you to choose the correct strength and aesthetic for your project, especially where the lintel will remain visible after installation. Lintel beams can be used to provide extra strength over doorways, in fireplace surrounds, and in window sills and doorsteps. Many steel lintels available from Jewson are approved by the British Board of Agreement and include recognised brand-name manufacturers like Birtley, Catnic, IG and Keystone, in addition to our concrete lintels from Robeslee and Supreme Concrete. All of this gives you the necessary level of trust when you buy building supplies from Jewson to meet exacting specifications for the finished standard of your project. Remember to add the correct type of sand, cement and other supporting accessories to your order, so you have everything you need to install your lintel beams with strong mortar.

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