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Browse a powerful range of saws available to hire, including jigsaws, circular saws, and mitre saws. Plus, cordless saw options for increased flexible movement.



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Circular Saw 235mm

Circular Saw 235mm JTH03170

SKU: JTH03170

From  £ 21 .00  inc VAT  Each
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Tyrannosaw Single Speed Tandem Saw

Tyrannosaw Single Speed Tandem Saw JTH03165

SKU: JTH03165

From  £ 35 .70  inc VAT  Each
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Chop/Cut-Off Saw 355mm

Chop/Cut-Off Saw 355mm JTH03155

SKU: JTH03155

From  £ 43 .20  inc VAT  Each
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Cross Cut/Compound Mitre Saw

Cross Cut/Compound Mitre Saw JTH03161

SKU: JTH03161

From  £ 48 .30  inc VAT  Each
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10" Mitre Chop Saw

10 JTH03163

SKU: JTH03163

From  £ 57 .90  inc VAT  Each
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Mitre Saw/Flip-Over Saw

Mitre Saw/Flip-Over Saw JTH03160

SKU: JTH03160

From  £ 54 .30  inc VAT  Each
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Reciprocating Saw

Reciprocating Saw JTH03175

SKU: JTH03175

From  £ 22 .80  inc VAT  Each
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Cordless Jigsaw 18V

Cordless Jigsaw 18V JTH03151

SKU: JTH03151

From  £ 25 .20  inc VAT  Each
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Cut Jigsaw 135mm

Cut Jigsaw 135mm JTH03150

SKU: JTH03150

From  £ 20 .70  inc VAT  Each