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Electrical & Heating

We offer a great range of heating and electrical equipment for temporary hire to keep your site working as long as you need. Explore heater hire to make your outdoor work more comfortable, a generator for power wherever you are, and lighting for visibility no matter the time of day. And for air comfort, be sure to check out our air conditioning units. Find equipment in various sizes and capacities to meet your requirements.

Ensure proper air flow and ventilation for everyone on site with air conditioning equipment.

Provide power sources for portable tools, lighting and other equipment for your site.

Regulate temperatures and moisture conditions in any room or building.

Choose from various lighting solutions, such as floodlights and lighting towers.

Create power wherever you need it, available in a range of outputs.

We offer a range of equipment for safe provision and distribution of power.

We offer a variety of heating and electrical equipment suitable for temporary hire and can keep your site operating for as long as you need.

Heater hire can benefit you when working outdoors, make working in colder areas more comfortable, and allow your projects to dry more quickly. Additionally, generator hire can provide you with site lighting all day and night, assisting with visibility.

We also offer air conditioning units to ensure proper air ventilation. Browse our electrical equipment to assist with your construction needs and consider opting for renewable energy options to cut electricity costs and help the planet.