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Safety & Workwear

Personal safety on site has never been more important than now. Find a wide range of personal protection equipment (PPE) and safety wear at Jewson. Our safety wear includes face masks, protective boots and disposable gloves. Browse our safety and cleaning products including disinfectant wipes and sprays, bleach, washroom cleaner and much more for a squeaky clean and germ-free working environment. Rely on us to help you keep your worksite safe.

Ensure proper hygiene and sanitary standards with our selection of cleaning products.

We have an impressive range of clothing and footwear suitable to be worn all day.

Our PPE products include goggles, ear defenders and hi-vis wear.

Safety workwear clothing for builders and other tradespeople is a way to tackle a variety of risks, from poor visibility on the job site, to hazards arising from the materials you use in your work. Jewson safety wear helps to reduce these risks, ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations while protecting the wearer against accidents and injuries.

Workwear protective clothing can be a physical barrier against injury, such as steel toe-cap boots to take the impact of dropped bricks and blocks. You'll also find hi-vis workwear clothing for builders, road maintenance workers and anyone who works at night. The bright yellow colour and reflective strips help to make individuals more visible, for a reduced risk of a collision.

If you work in extremes of temperature, safety wear can include thermal gloves, hats, snoods and other warm garments to improve comfort and provide physical protection against frostbite and other cold-weather conditions. Extra large hi-vis trousers and jackets can be worn over thermal underwear and fleeces to double up on safety.

Safety footwear comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. As well as traditional steel toe-cap hiking boots, you'll also find steel toe-cap safety wellingtons, perfect if you need a little more leg protection when working ankle-deep in aggregates, gravel and cement, or wading through potentially hazardous liquids.

Whatever risks you face on the job, you'll find the safety workwear you need at your nearest Jewson builders' merchant branch, with many of our product lines available for immediate collection when you buy in-branch. Just ask if you can't find what you want, and a member of our team will be happy to help.