Retrofit Energy Architecture

BRE & Partners "Remarkable Retrofit" Project

The Victorian Terrace Retrofit Project is the result of a BRE, Government and industry partnership. It is aimed at generating knowledge of the most effective ways of upgrading existing solid wall, private and public housing stock, so that it is highly energy efficient, costs less to run, emits significantly less carbon and meets the requirements of the UK's ageing population.

The project has involved the transformation of a Victorian stable block building (on the BRE site in Watford) with an Energy Performance Certificate rating of F, into a row of Victorian terraced houses that are A and B rated. The terraced houses have been retrofitted with a range of innovative products from Jewson and other partners. These products and systems include materials that are commercially available today, as well as those which are expected to feature in the homes of tomorrow.


The University of Nottingham H.O.U.S.E Project



Designed and built in the UK, the Nottingham H.O.U.S.E. (Home Optimising the Use of Solar Energy) shows how low energy architecture can lend itself to the mass market with an L-shaped, modular design, so versatile it can be worked into terraces, rows or stacked as apartments. The resulting concept is a highly marketable, zero carbon starter home for a new family - a major requirement in the UK.

Products from companies including Saint-Gobain Isover, British Gypsum, Weber, Saint-Gobain Glass, International Timber and Jewson/Greenworks are incorporated, providing total solutions to optimise energy efficiency.

The house was shown at the EcoBuild exhibition 2010, and then taken and exhibited in Madrid along with projects from 19 other universities from around the world. All the projects were scrutinised in ten separate areas including: architectural merit, market viability, construction, solar systems, electrical energy balance, comfort conditions, communication of the project to a wider audience, household functionality, innovation and sustainability.