Underfloor Heating

Underfloor %20heatingUnderfloor heating gently heats the floor using either warm water pipe or electric cable. It's already widely used in other countries and is now being recognised in the UK as one of the most modern energy-efficient options for space heating.

Underfloor heating is engineered to provide an energy-efficient solution for heating rooms whilst earning a better rating within SAP Assessments than traditional systems such as electric fires and radiators. There are a number of systems available for semi-solid, solid ground and suspended floors.

Types of wet pipe systems

Wet underfloor heating systems have moved on from the typical pipe under a concrete slab; there are now many types of fixing and insulated systems available. The Staple system is the lowest cost option, and an ideal solution for small and irregular shaped floors. The plastic staples hold the UFH pipe down onto PIR or polystyrene insulation in the desired layout, and screed is then laid on top. The Plate system consists of interlocking plastic plates which are designed to hold pipe work in the desired layout before the screed is applied. The Pocketed Polystyrene system consists of machined channels which hold the pipe in fixed centres - very quick to install and pre-designed. The new Modular Wood system uses standard tongue and groove panels with pre-fitted 10mm UFH pipe. It's ideal for upper timber floors and allows for simultaneous installation of floor and UFH.

Efficient heating

Wet underfloor heating (UFH) offers energy savings to the homeowner when compared to traditional radiator systems.

Typically the water used in a UFH system only needs to be heated to 45 65?C, which contrasts with radiator systems, which use water at 70 - 80?C.

Underfloor -Heating

Trade Tips

  • Can be supplied in a kit format with drawings.
  • Free of charge design service available from Jewson.

Homeowner Benefits

  • Energy efficient - saves on running costs compared to traditional radiator systems.
  • Ideal for modern lifestyles - allows total freedom on furniture layout and room utilisation.
  • Low allergy - convected airborne dust levels reduced and underfloor heating discourages house dust mites within floor coverings

Jewson has everything you'll need...

  • Solutions; Jewson supplies a full range of underfloor heating systems to suit every project. Whether you require water or electric underfloor heating systems, we're able to supply the most cost effective solution.
  • Online Design; Bring your plans into your local Jewson branch for a quick turnaround design and planning service.
  • Greenworks; Underfloor heating works very efficiently with heat pump technology. For further technical advice please contact the Greenworks central team.

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