Heat Recovery & Ventilation

Heat recovery systems work by capturing heat from extracted air that would otherwise be ventilated out of the building, and transfer it to warm fresh air which is circulated around a network of ductings.

Modern buildings lose 25% of their heat through uncontrolled ventilation and air leakage. On average a bathroom full of moist air loses over 60 watts of heat energy from the room twice every hour. That is 1.2kWh of wasted heat.

Why ventilate?

With increasing emphasis being placed on energy efficiency and particularly insulation in houses, we need to ensure this is twinned with a comfortable and quality indoor environment. Ventilation protects the building against condensation and mould growth caused by excessive steam in the air from everyday activities such as bathing, cooking and showering.

Heat loss in the home

Design and location considerations...

Heat recovery units run 24/7, circulating air throughout the building and are therefore designed to be very quiet in use.

Units are low maintenance and can be located in the loft or an eye level cupboard, but access will be required to clean the filters.

Heat recovery systems are best suited to new build projects as a network of ducting needs to be planned and care must be taken to make sure the system is air-tight.

Underfloor -Heating

Trade Tips

  • MVH R systems don't weigh a lot and are compact for simple, easy installation in kitchen eye-level cupboards or the loft - plan these in at first fix stage.
  • Jewson offer a free design service through both of its key suppliers.
  • If you are working on a new build use web joists; it will make the whole job so much easier.

Homeowner Benefits

  • Breathe pure air and reduce allergens.
  • The level of effectiveness of MVH R depends on the level of airtightness in a home.
  • M VHR runs 24 hours a d ay but can cost as little as 20p per week to run.

Jewson has everything you'll need...

  • Experience; Jewson have supplied ventilation and extraction pipe systems for many years. Rely on our experience to help you with your next project.
  • Products; Jewson supply and stock a wide range of ventilation pipes and vents. We have several MVHR systems available to suit your project.
  • Design Service; A design and planning service is available from the central Greenworks office, Jewson regional sales centres or at your local branch.

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