External Wall Insulation Systems

External Wall Insulation (EWI) employs a layer of insulation fixed to the exterior substrate of a building, which is then covered with a decorative and protective rendered finish. Enveloping the building in this way reduces your energy bills, rejuvenates tired exteriors and prolongs the life of the structure.

EWI is effective when applied to a solid wall construction or to walls without an insulated cavity. One of the major advantages of insulating externally is that there is minimal disruption, no loss of living space and the risk of condensation in the wall structure is eliminated. A number of different systems exist for use with various applications.

Insulation & Finishes

Thermal performance is dependent on the type of insulation used. To cater for all budgets and requirements, EWI systems can be used with Expanded Polystyrene, Mineral Wool, PIR or Phenolic boards.

Mineral renders are extremely robust and come in a number of finished colours and textures. Synthetic finishes offer an even greater choice of vibrant colours to bring a tired exterior back to life and with a weber.therm XB or XM system, you can now match or replace existing brickwork to provide a more traditional finish.

Weber Systems

A number of systems are available from the Weber brand:

  • weber.therm XM - a lightweight multilayered system with polymer renders and mesh cloth reinforcement.
  • weber.therm XP - a unique one-coat system that is extremely quick to install and maintenance-free.
  • weber.therm XB - a system using authentic brick slips which are attached to specially produced insulation and fixed with a high performance polymer mortar.

External -Wall -Insulation

Trade Tips

  • These renders are quick and easy to apply, contributing to short programme periods which reduce associated scaffolding and site costs.
  • Preparation is of paramount importance when preparing to externally render a concrete or block wall.

Homeowner Benefits

  • External insulation will reduce heating bills.
  • External render can rejuvenate an ugly building.
  • External wall insulation can help to reduce noise pollution as well as keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Jewson has everything you'll need...

  • Total Service; Jewson are able to offer a full range of external wall insulation systems and product and support information. For major projects and schemes, Greenworks is able to co-ordinate suppliers and product solutions.
  • Tool Hire; Jewson Tool Hire branches provide a range of equipment to suit all projects.
  • Design Service.