Internal Walls

Block %20wallThe Code for Sustainable Homes is driving for a better living environment, energy efficiency and a house which reduces its CO2 emissions. When building internal walls there are many things to consider, including: sound proofing, heat loss, moisture defence, air tightness and the use of environmentally friendly, sustainable building materials.

Solid wall

Masonry walls that need to support the first-floor structure should rise from the foundations as load-bearing walls and be tied into the external structure as it's built. Lightweight, recycled content, 100mm thick blocks are a preferred sustainable option.

Insulation and airtightness

These two elements are linked because they both have a profound effect on the annual rate of carbon emissions from a new build home. Well insulated and airtight internal walls will produce a more energy-efficient building. An air- tight build is now a requirement of Building Regulations and to comply you must achieve a certain level of airtightness - known as the Target Energy Rating (TER) - or higher; once achieved, it is known as the Dwelling Energy Rating (DER).

When building internal walls you must be vigilant and look for gaps to be sealed effectively. Sealants and expanding polyurethane foam fillers are ideal for this. Ventilation is also very important.

Sound, moisture, fire

Internal walls can be built with a framework of sustainable timber (50 x 100mm FSC softwood is a preferred choice) and will require finishing with plaster or plasterboard.

Jewson offers a full range of plasterboards for all room type situations, sound block and high density sound absorbing mineralfibre slabs for bedrooms, moisture defence boards for bathrooms and fire defence boards for kitchens.

Internal -Walls

Trade Tips

  • Use quality certified treated timber when building stud walls. You'll appreciate the quality.
  • Metal studs are less environmentally friendly, but they do save a lot of time.

Homeowner Benefits

  • Solid or well insulated stud walls give you great sound protection - even better if sound bloc plaster boards are used.
  • Sound bloc, moisture resistant and fire retardant plaster board make the living environment a safer and more comfortable place.

Jewson has everything you'll need...

  • Specialist Service; Jewson's national network of insulation and dry lining centres offer a wide range of plasterboards, finishing and insulation products as well as expert advice on meeting the very latest legislation.
  • Products; Your local branch can advise you on performance plasterboards, internal blocks and certified timber products along with a full range of metalwork options, fixing tools and wall finishes.