Timber Frame

Timber frame building in the UK continues to grow in popularity. As its name suggests, the method uses a timber frame as means of structural support. The frame makes up the internal and external structure of the building and supports the entire home without the need for interior load-bearing walls.

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The basic frame is usually factory prefabricated off-site, thereby reducing timber wastage, and is then delivered and erected on-site - usually by the supplier or approved contractor.

Timber frame offers a lighter form of construction which can be of benefit to foundations, particularly where poor ground conditions prevail.

Advantages of timber frame

Depending on the complexity of the design, timber frames can be erected approximately 30% faster than brick and block. The frame itself can go up in just a couple of days, and can be weather-tight in under a week. As there are usually no interior load-bearing walls, floor plan space can be as open as required.

Because the frames are factory-made, it's difficult to modify the structure once the frame is finished, so the design should be exactly right for the plot, and lined up perfectly with the ground floor slab.

Open panel

One of the most common timber frame methods is the open panel system. The panels are made from a certified softwood timber frame, covered with structural sheet material such as plywood or orientated strand board (OSB), with a membrane on the outside, and open on the inside.

They are made efficiently in a factory and fixed into a rigid structure on site.

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Trade Tips

  • Quicker building times.
  • Reduced security and storage problems on site.
  • Timber frame is a dry form of construction eliminating 'wet' trades, resulting in less shrinkage and remedial and maintenance costs.

Homeowner Benefits

  • Timber frame has high insulation 'U' values giving better comfort and reduced fuel bills.
  • Timber frames can provide very good acoustics.

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