Cash Account

For trade professionals who do not require a credit account or anyone who is undertaking a home improvement project. The account is quick and easy to open and will offer you:

  • Personalised terms to give you preferential discount on the products you purchase most often - your local branch will arrange this for you
  • Consistent pricing at every Jewson branch across the country
Please note a cash account is for trading in branch and it will not currently enable you to see prices on the website.

Apply online below or download an application form.

Cash Card Application

Your Details

Your company trading name (if applicable)

Your email address

Your Company Details (If Applicable)

Account Information
The Jewson branch you normally trade at
Customer Declaration

I/We apply to Jewson Limited for a cash account and declare that the information given above is accurate.

I/We agree to trade on Jewson Limited's Terms and Conditions of Sale or Hire as are applicable at the date of the transaction and confirm that I/we have read the Terms and Conditions of Sale (see link below) contained in this form. Jewson Limited reserves the right to terminate this agreement for the Trade Cashcard forthwith without notice upon breach by customer of any terms and conditions.

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