Here at Jewson we have one of the most extensive brick ranges in the UK supplied by the most reputable manufacturers including Ibstock, Terca & Marshalls.

Getting the right brick for the right job is an integral part of any building project. Many factors need to be taken into consideration such as colour, size and strength. That's why we have one of the most extensive ranges of bricks for sale in the UK supplied by the most reputable manufacturers including Terca, Marshalls and Ibstock. We also have various product lines that are exclusive to Jewson.   This range extends to clay commons, clay facing, engineering, concrete commons and reclaimed bricks. We also supply brick cleaners to reinvigorate old brickwork that needs a new lease of life.   In addition our specialist brick centres offer an unparalleled level of expertise coupled with in-depth knowledge that guarantees you get the best advice everytime.

We also have a range of facing and engineering bricks available to buy on


  • Clay Facing

    Clay Facing

    Find the exact texture and colour from our range to achieve the correct façade and look for your building project.

  • Clay Commons

    Clay Commons

    A non-specialist brick for use in general brickwork across a wide variety of applications.

  • Engineering


    For use in areas that are likely to be exposed to frost, water and where strength is needed.

  • Concrete Commons

    Concrete Commons

    Concrete bricks have many qualities including excellent noise reduction, heat resistance and require minimal maintenance.

  • Brick Specials

    Brick Specials

    A selection of brick specials for bespoke applications.

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  • Concrete Facing

    Concrete Facing

    Our economical range of concrete facing bricks are suitable for all types of construction and come in a variety of different colours.