Foundation Materials

Foundation Materials

Jewson stock a complete range of foundation materials to ensure the complete integrity of below ground works including damp proof membranes, damp proof courses, expansion jointing, geotextiles, reinforcement rods and mesh.  

Jewson Polyethylene DPC is designed to prevent the passage of moisture in brick and block work from external sources. It is manufactured from high quality reprocessed materials to provide a range of cost effective and durable products. Our range is suitable for use in vertical and horizontal applications throughout two storey domestic constructions.  

Jewson damp proof membranes comply with the relevant Building Regulations and should be used in conjunction with the Jewson jointing system to ensure complete integrity of joins. Many of these are stock items that can be ordered direct from branch however we can deliver direct to site depending upon your needs.


  • Damp Proof Course

    Damp Proof Course

    DPC products to prevent the ingress of damp into buildings from Jewson, Visqueen and Marley.

  • Damp Proof Membrane

    Damp Proof Membrane

    DPM products for use to prevent the ingress of damp into buildings from Jewson and Visqueen.

  • Protective Sheeting

    Protective Sheeting

    A selection of protective sheeting for use in foundations.

  • Geotextiles & Geogrids

    Geotextiles & Geogrids

    These Hepworth products perform multiple construction functions for reinforcement, filtration, erosion control and drainage.

  • Reinforcement Products

    Reinforcement Products

    A variety of high tensile steel bars and fabric mesh for where reinforcement is required.

  • Foundation Sundries

    Foundation Sundries

    Hessian sheeting for concrete curing and sandbags for below ground applications.