Jewson stock a wide range of metalwork for a variety of building purposes most of which is carried in branch. This includes beads and mesh for plastering; joist hangers for general building; straps, restraints, angles and brackets for where extra strength is required and a variety of fixings and connectors and plates for securing girders, trusses and rafters to wall plates.  

If you can't find the exact metalwork you're looking for our trained staff will be pleased to advise what product would be most suited to your project.


  • Brick Reinforcing

    Brick Reinforcing

    Brick reinforcing mesh is primarily used to resist cracking under and over wall openings. Also helps resist tensile stress due to settlement.

  • Arches


    A selection of metal arches for a variety of applications.

  • Beads & Mesh

    Beads & Mesh

    For use on a variety of plastering applications such as forming corners, edges and to provide extra strength.

  • Joist Hangers

    Joist Hangers

    A variety of timber to timber, timber to masonry, light engineered, light vertical and straight lateral metal joist hangers.

  • Truss Plates

    Truss Plates

    For connecting girders, trusses and rafters to wall plates.

  • Angles & Brackets

    Angles & Brackets

    A selection of angles and brackets for various connecting and bracing purposes adding strength and durability.

  • Straps & Restraints

    Straps & Restraints

    Add extra strength using our straps and restraints that are perfect for general building, DiY and agricultural applications.

  • Fixings & Connectors

    Fixings & Connectors

    Provides stability to floor joists and meets bracing requirements for long span domestic floors.

  • Sundries


    A selection of metalwork sundries for all your needs.