A good undercoat is the basis of a good paint job; its key objective is to create a velvet-smooth surface and an absolute evenness of colour. Jewson supplies all-purpose primer and undercoats to protect and seal on interior and exterior surfaces of a variety of materials. We stock both solvent based and water based products.

We have our own range of products that offer a quality alternative for the tradesman. They are manufactured to an equivalent or higher specification than the well known branded products but at a lower price. Dulux who offer primers and undercoats for a variety of applications complements this Jewson range. This includes general-purpose products for wood, metal and plaster through to more specialist items such as red oxide to be used on ferrous materials.

With Jewson you'll always get the right undercoat to give interior and exterior surfaces a truly professional, extra-durable high gloss finish.


  • Primers


    Find the correct primer for the right surface to seal and protect before painting.

  • Undercoat


    Choose the right undercoat for the surface you’re painting to achieve smoothness and evenness of colour.