Quality eggshell, gloss and satinwood paint for all the trims in the house. The range is comprised of Jewson's own brand and complemented by a variety of products from Dulux. Both brands offer an excellent level of sheen, long lasting durability and a fantastic finish. Using a high quality trim paint for skirting boards, doorframes, windows, cupboards and doors are the details that transform a good paint job into something truly special.


  • Eggshell


    Eggshell offers an intermediate sheen level making it hardwearing. Ideal for use in kitchens, bathrooms and areas of high traffic.

  • Gloss


    Hardwearing and durable with a sheen that reflects light making the surface appearance very shiny and smooth.

  • Satinwood


    Satinwood has a finish with a sheen level midway between eggshell and gloss.