Preparation & Sundries

Preparation & Sundries

Jewson can supply all those extra items that you might need to complete your decorating project and attain a high standard of finish. We carry an extensive range of dust sheets for protecting existing surfaces, caulk for filling and plugging holes and gaps, sand paper for removing imperfections, sugar soap for removing grease and dirt, and stockinettes for buffing up to give extra shine.

We also stock a range of paint and varnish removers, knotting solution for treating wood and numerous fillers.


  • Dust  Sheets

    Dust Sheets

    Protection for surfaces, carpets and furniture from dust, drips and spills whilst decorating.

  • Caulk


    High strength adhesive to seal joints and seams effectively and smoothly before finishing with paint.

  • Fillers


    Fill up holes, cracks and joints for a great finished look from our great choice of fillers.

  • Sanding Papers

    Sanding Papers

    Achieve a perfect surface on metal, wood, varnish, paint, plaster and filler from Jewson’s choice of sanding papers, pads and blocks.

  • Sugar Soaps

    Sugar Soaps

    Ideal for preparing surfaces prior to repainting by cleaning off grime and grease.

  • Sundries
  • Tapes


    Masking tape to get a sharp edge to paintwork. Also cloth and duct tape.

  • Stockinettes