General Sealants

General Sealants Our all-purpose sealants can be used for a variety of applications both interior and exterior on any number of materials or surfaces. They come in white, clear, brown or black to suit your every day needs. Frame sealants are essential in creating a watertight seal around doors and windows that will keep the warmth in and the weather out. Use sanitary sealants to stop mould, mildew and fungi growth in kitchens, bathrooms and WCs.


  • All Purpose Sealants

    All Purpose Sealants

    Flexible and water resistant all purpose sealants that are effective on most building materials.

  • Frame Sealants

    Frame Sealants

    Weatherproof frame sealants for window and doorframes that will bond to most building materials.

  • Sanitary Sealants

    Sanitary Sealants

    Range of sealants containing anti-fungal compounds to prevent the growth of mould. Ideal for toilets, showers, baths and sinks.

  • Sealant Removers

    Sealant Removers

    Perfect for removing extra, old or unwanted sealant. Makes light work of the toughest of jobs.