Knives & Scrapers

Knives & Scrapers

To prepare surfaces for decorating old paint and wallpaper needs to be stripped and scraped away before fillers are applied to create smooth surfaces. Jewson carries a comprehensive range of filling knives, scrapers, shave hooks, strippers and stripping knives to do this job making decorating tasks both quicker and easier. We stock Hamilton products, one of the most highly regarded brands in the industry; their knives have hardwearing high carbon steel blades with wooden handles. We also have our own brand Jewson knives that are made to an exceptional quality. They're easy to clean and maintain with comfy grip handles.


  • Chisel Knives

    Chisel Knives

    A square-edged chisel knife with a comfy grip is the perfect tool for scraping off paint and wallpaper.

  • Filling Knives

    Filling Knives

    To apply and finish fillers before decorating in a choice of sizes, blade and handle.

  • Stripping  Knives

    Stripping Knives

    A range of Hamilton and Jewson stripping knives in various sizes and handles.

  • Scrapers


    A scraper is the perfect tool for removing paint from surfaces prior to decorating. Our range of scraper knives comes in various sizes.

  • Shave Hooks

    Shave Hooks

    A shave hook is great for removing paint and varnish from irregular surfaces.